Service & Calibration
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All Instantel products come with a one-year warranty. Series IV monitors, Minimate Pro4™ and Minimate Pro6™, and sensors will have the warranty extended for a second year if they are returned to the Instantel factory for service and calibration within 30 days of the ‘Next Calibration’ date printed on the calibration label located on the product.

If within a period of one year from the date of shipment to a customer the instrument fails to perform in accordance with Instantel’s published specifications and the operator’s manual, due to a defect in materials or workmanship, it will be repaired or replaced at Instantel’s option, free of charge. This warranty is void if the equipment has been dismantled, altered or abused in any way. This warranty is nontransferable.

The above warranty does not include any implied warranty of functionality for a particular purpose. Instantel assumes no responsibility for damages of any description resulting from the operation or use of its products. Since it is impossible to anticipate all of the conditions under which its products will be used either by themselves or in conjunction with other products, Instantel cannot accept responsibility for the results unless it has entered into a contract for services which clearly define such an extension of responsibility and liability.

Any shipments returned directly to Instantel Inc. must have our prior approval and all packages must display the Return of Material Authorization (RMA) Number issued by Instantel. Shipping charges to Instantel’s plant will be paid by the customer and those for return to the customer will be paid by Instantel.

To protect your warranty, you must complete and return a Warranty Registration Certificate, or complete the online Warranty Registration Form, within ten days of purchase. Units will be assumed out of warranty if there is no warranty card on file at Instantel. Retain this portion and the proof of purchase for your records.

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