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Vision™ from Instantel is a new cloud-based data hosting application for vibration monitoring data that takes the pain out of satisfying even the most demanding reporting requirements. Leave the data management to Vision so that you can get back to doing what you do best-managing your project.

Vision World

Vision allows you to:

  • Store event monitoring data securely in the cloud
  • Share information with stakeholders
  • Access data at any time, from anywhere
  • Immediately see vibration and overpressure trends
  • Set alarm and warning levels for each project
  • Locate monitoring units on a map or image
  • Add comments to and print event reports
  • Control what level of information each user can see

Cloud-based data control
Using Instantel’s proprietary Auto Call Home technology, vibration data uploads to Vision immediately after it is collected, not hours-or even days-later.

Once the data uploads, Vision provides secure, encrypted web-based access to the latest information from any desktop, laptop or tablet with access to the web. With web-based hosting, your stakeholders will be able to access the data they need at the time that they need to, providing instant sharing for time sensitive projects.


How it works

Vision delivers a wide array of powerful features that simplify your day to day tasks. Vision gives you the power to:

  • View and download event data from anywhere in the world for up to date information no matter your location.
  • Add comments to your event reports to highlight vital information. Print event reports from anywhere.
  • View, sort, filter, and print event data to identify trends before they become issues.
  • Map your site—using technology from Google, you can place your monitoring units on a street or satellite map.
  • Upload photos for a record of the latest progress.

Vision References

Key Features

  • Encrypted data storage on secure Instantel servers.
  • Cloud-based access to your event data anytime, for you and your stakeholders.
  • Customize the colors of your Vision site, and add your company logo and information.
  • Configurable user accounts.
  • Exceedance alarms and warnings.
  • Support for Micromate®, Minimate Pro™ and Minimate Plus™ units.
  • Upload your own maps and photos.
  • Automatically upload event data.
  • Practical, cost-effective data management.


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