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THOR LogoTHOR™, the Windows-based software program that interfaces between your computer and your Instantel vibration monitor, offers powerful, easy-to-use features for event management and compliance reporting. With THOR, you can program Micromate® and Minimate Pro™ monitors, manage recorded events, and remotely control monitors, as well as customize report content, frequency standards and more, all from your Windows computer or laptop.

Instantel’s THOR is the most powerful tool on the market for event management and compliance reporting. Inspired by Instantel’s Blastware™, which led the vibration monitoring industry for over two decades, THOR gives you the Blastware tools you’re used to, but with modern speed and user-focused design that is easy to learn.

Instantel has developed THOR specifically to give you control over your Micromate and Minimate Pro monitoring units. Remote access means you can control your monitoring units on site or from your desk. You can reduce site visits, as well as check on monitoring units that are located in areas that are difficult to reach. As long as the monitoring unit is communicating with THOR, you can control it remotely.

The THOR dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of important monitoring unit details. It only takes seconds to check the status of each monitoring unit. A single page lets you track factors like remaining battery life, available memory, connection status and number of captured events.

The dashboard is also a one-stop interface that lets you manage your monitoring units. From the dashboard, you can perform tasks like initiating monitoring, creating setup configurations, running sensor checks, creating and editing operators and setting up Auto Call Home.

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View and Download Events

THOR provides a range of options for viewing and downloading events. You can:

  • View events captured on monitoring units without downloading them.
  • Download events from your computer on demand.
  • Use Auto Call Home to set automatic, recurring downloads triggered by events.

You can use THOR’s folders to organize events according to projects, sites or contracts. Events can be shared with Vision, Instantel’s cloud-based monitoring application.

Download Events Easily


Integrated Auto Call Home

THOR integrates Instantel’s proprietary Auto Call Home technology. Whenever an event occurs, the monitoring unit can automatically connect to your Windows computer and download event data into one central location on your computer.

Auto Call Home set up is integrated into THOR, but still runs as a Windows service. Set your options through THOR, and Auto Call Home will run in the background even when THOR is closed. It will also automatically start when your computer is turned on, including after a power interruption.

Call Home


Interactive Reports

THOR’s high-resolution, full-color, one-page event reports can include Post Event Notes and your company logo. Choose from over twenty National Frequency Standards to ensure your project is in compliance.

You can show and hide any graph in each report, including the compliance graph. Customize units of measurement (Imperial/Metric, dB/linear units) quickly and easily.

Unprecedented interactivity lets you zoom in on areas of reports to let you analyze information in detail and identify trends before they become issues. You can set and label markers to indicate peaks or other activity, plus move markers across the waveform for easy comparison.

State of the Art Reporting


Features and Benefits

Communicate with Instantel Micromate or Minimate Pro monitoring units through a physical connection or a cellular modem. Fast and easy communication with no loss of data.
View monitoring data using three different methods: transfer with Auto Call Home, import events into projects or view data without downloading.

Ensure your data is always secure, always protected, and always where you need it.

Remote management of monitoring units. Responsive changes to projects at your fingertips.
Organize monitoring units and event monitoring data into projects, storing data that belongs together in a single location.

At-a-glance comprehension of each of your sites or projects.

Improved visualization of event monitoring data, letting you sort, group, and filter monitoring data in more ways.

Identify trends before they become issues.

Industry standard reports give you the tools you require to demonstrate compliance. Be confident that you are in compliance with necessary regulations.
Integrated Auto Call Home lets you automate data transfer. Receive event monitoring data as soon as it has been recorded.
THOR email lets you send event monitoring data to stakeholders, keeping them up to date on the latest information. Automate communication so you spend less time emailing and more time on your project.
Support for using SSL and TLS protocols with THOR email. Proprietary information is secure at all times.
Configuration of multiple setup files allows you to save previous settings for re-use on compatible monitoring units.

Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more on real issues that need your attention.


Visit the Download page to download the THOR.

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